About Ryan Inglis

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist & Professional Guitarist

"Ryan Inglis is an independent singer-songwriter and professional guitar player from England and currently based in Munich, Germany. He is currently working on a new album due for release in 2023 and you can already hear his latest releases such as 'Only Human', 'Blessed With Less' and 'Munich' on multiple radio stations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as on all streaming services. His songs tell stories about lessons he has learned in his life and weaves intricate guitar playing styles together with thoughtful lyrics. With connections all around the globe, he has spent the last 5 years travelling the world with only his music and guitar on his back."​

Original Music

Single & Album Releases

Single: Rubik's Cube (2022)

This song lyrically compares the confusing actions of certain people in your life with the comparable difficulty in solving a Rubik's cube; Just as you think you've figured someone out they change again just as quickly. Although the subject matter may seem serious it's a fun, upbeat and funky song mixed & produced together with Luke Potter, one of Ryan's closest friends.

Single: Munich (2021)

"I moved to Munich in 2016 and made it my new hometown. This song is about why I love this city so much."

Single: Creep In The Sun (2021)

"Have you ever been sunbathing by the pool and noticed someone catching a glance from the corner of your eye? I wanted to write a funny song about those guys who sneak a peek by the pool. You may be one of those guys… and you may be one of those girls."

Single: Only Human (2020)

"A song about forgiving yourself for making mistakes and finding love from the most important place of all - inside yourself."

Single: Blessed With Less (2018)

"Written while walking the Camino in Spain, this song is about how having less can be a blessing somehow."

Album: The Time Is Now (2013)

Ryan's second album was fan-funded from Slicethepie and recorded at world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London. Its first released single "Secret" landed #1 in the Amazon Rock Charts and #4 in iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts 2011. The album itself reached #16 on the iTunes album charts later in October 2013.

Album: 7 Blank Tiles (2009)

His very first and self-funded album titled ’7 Blank Tiles’ was released in April of 2009. His recordings are acoustic guitar-based and are infused with thought inducing melodic vocals that flow with the rhythm throughout each song. "Simple, clean and authentic sound."